Calitabby Network

Calitabby Network Code of Conduct

Users of the Calitabby Network sites and services are expected to abide by the following community rules.

  1. The Calitabby services are intended to be used only for lawful purposes
  2. Please refrain from creating a hostile environment for other users.
  3. Personal insults, hateful or defamatory remarks toward other users are not permitted.
  4. Mild trolling is permitted provided it does not result in conflict between users or undue confusion
  5. NSFW content is permitted in designated spaces provided it is not illegal or morally objectionable (i.e. leaked explicit photos, 'loli' or bestiality/'yiff'). Shock content (i.e. gore) is not permitted.
  6. Doxxing (distributing personal information) and extortion of other users are strictly prohibited.
  7. Users are not permitted to exploit the software, devices or networks of Calitabby or its users without explicit permission
  8. Spamming and repeated attempts to bring the discussion off-topic are not permitted

Infringers may be met with sanctions ranging from warnings to a system-wide ban. Please direct all moderation appeals to

This Code of Conduct was last updated 2024-01-18. Your feedback is welcome!

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