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Calitabby Network Privacy Policy

Updated 2023-12-08

This privacy policy applies to all Calitabby Network ("Calitabby") sites (*,, as well as services such as Calitabby Matrix.

Data Collection

Calitabby tries to collect the minimum amount of data necessary to facilitate access to the sites and provide services. Certain data is automatically transmitted by your device in order to request pages and data from the server, such as:

Calitabby also collects any data that you enter into the site or services, such as:

This information may be used to infer other information about you such as your approximate location.

Retention & Sharing

Data such as access logs is periodically purged, usually every few weeks. Other data is retained indefinitely in order to provide the sites and services. Calitabby does not share data with any third parties, except those contracted to provide the sites and services. You may request a copy and/or deletion of your data at any time by emailing with the associated usernames/emails.

Location & Jurisdiction

All Calitabby sites and services are hosted on servers in the United States of America.

Calitabby will only provide user data to law enforcement or other government entities under a valid court order, with the exception of cases involving abuse of Calitabby sites or services. No such orders have been received as of 2024-03-21.


Calitabby follows current security best-practices such as using HTTPS/TLS to secure your connection to the site and storing passwords and other secrets in hashed form. No guarantees are made as to the security of user data; please do not reuse passwords from other sites.

Ads & Analytics

Calitabby does not currently serve ads. Calitabby uses a self-hosted instance of Matomo in order to analyze traffic to the sites. The Matomo instance does not track users who have enabled the Do Not Track feature in their browser. You may also opt out using the form below.

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